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Beware Melting Glaciers This Century

Don't worry too much, for now, about rising seas caused by melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica. The big threat this century could come from small thawing glaciers, researchers reported Thursday.

Meat is murder on the environment

A kilogram of beef is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution than driving for 3 hours while leaving all the lights on back home. This is among the conclusions of a study by Akifumi Ogino which has assessed the effects of beef production on global warming, water acidification and eutrophication, and energy consumption.

Researchers develop inexpensive, easy process to produce solar panels

Researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology have developed an inexpensive solar cell that can be painted or printed on flexible plastic sheets.

Problem with Desertification in China Decreasing as Area of Sanded Land Shrinks

China said Tuesday it was winning the struggle against encroaching deserts, with the threat to vulnerable land steadily decreasing over the past half-decade.

Top Ways to Fight Global Warming

10 ways to slow down/stop global warming.

Global Warming Could Fuel War

Food and water shortages fueled in the future by global warming could spur conflicts and even wars over these essential resources, the authors of a new study warn.

Action needed on climate change: Business group

A major U.S. industry body said on Tuesday that human activity is changing the Earth's climate and urged Washington to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions nationwide.

It is time for money to grow on trees

World Conservation Union calls for a greater appreciation of the role of forests in combating climate change. Countries that do not destroy their forests should be rewarded with financial incentives.

India makes climate change move

India has taken the first steps towards developing a national plan on tackling the effects of climate change.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired a meeting of top government officials and environmental experts which agreed to draft a national policy by October.