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Polluters finance research to cast doubt on global warming theories, Gore says

Gore claims that major polluters, including Exxon-Mobile, are financing campaigns to convince the public that there is great dispute in the scientific community about global warming when in actuality there is not.

Global-Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine

Sen. Barbara Boxer had been chair of the Senate's Environment Committee for less than a month when the verdict landed last February. "Warming of the climate system is unequivocal," concluded a report by 600 scientists from governments, academia, green groups and businesses in 40 countries.

Study: Haze adds to Asia warming

Huge haze clouds over the Indian Ocean contribute as much to atmospheric warming in Asia as greenhouse gases and play a significant role in the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, according to a new study.

Bush calls meeting on global warming for September

Bush announced plans for a global conference on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to take place in September 2007. The EU, UN, and many other industrial countries have been invited. This conference has been criticized as an effort to divert attention from the UN summit on climate change taking place three days before the conference, during which current US policies may come under attack.

Asian Brown Clouds Intensify Global Warming

The clouds caused by pollution has intensified solar heat by 50% near the surface of the Asian continent. This accounts for the melting of Himalayan glaciers, which feeds into the major river systems. If this continues, there could be dire consequences for the future.

APEC finance ministers debate global warming, energy issues

Pacific Rim finance ministers began a two-day meeting Thursday and discussed energy issues and ways to curb global warming, with Japanese Finance Minister Koji Omi calling for the creation of a post-Kyoto Protocol framework on global warming that will involve the United States, China and India.

Next three decades crucial to fight global warming: UN experts

If we decrease carbon emissions over the next 30 years, there is great potential to reverse some of the damage caused by global warming.

Brazil, Alarmed, Reconsiders Policy on Climate Change - New York Times

Alarmed at recent indications of climate change here in the Amazon and in other regions of Brazil, the government of President Luiz In�cio Lula da Silva has begun showing signs of new flexibility in the tangled, politically volatile international negotiations to limit human-caused global warming.

UN Debates Urgent Action to Avert Global Warming

<p> Due to the global nature of climate change, the United Nations may be the only organization with the reach to address it adequately. UN delegates cite a recent study which proves that global warming is due to human activities and urges the greening of the UN and other efforts. </p>

Study: Rise in storms tied to warming

The number of tropical storms developing annually in the Atlantic Ocean more than doubled over the past century, with the increase taking place in two jumps, researchers say.