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Economic Collapse

Chart of subprime mortgages

A chart showing very clearly when the teaser rates on subprime mortgages are set to end, meaning that early low interest rates will balloon to much higher ones. At these times the default rate is expected to increase.

Default rate among suprime mortgages rises in the US

The default rate among subprime mortgages is at an all time high, threatening many lenders with bankruptcy. Home appreciation has also stopped.

Central banks moving away from the dollar

According to the Royal Bank of Scotland, numerous goverments are cutting back on their holdings of dollars in favor of euros and pounds.

Difficulties with oil production in Nigeria

This article discusses Shell's problems with producing oil in Nigeria. Due to recent instability, production has dropped by 500,000 barrels per day, about half of Shell's normal production. Millitant groups in the region have also made a nice side business out of kidnapping foreign workers.

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