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The Arlington Institute has begun data collection for the WHETHERMAP web portal. Attached you can find our Case Statement and plan for moving forward. As we attract interest, we'll add more complex forms for inputting your dreams, intuitions and other data. We will then add more features, as well as the ability to map these dreams and intuitions as partners arrive. We look forward to hearing from you!

Download a pdf of the Case Statement Here: WHETHERMAP Case Statement

Dream/Intuition Entry Form - Please click here and be directed to our dream/intuition entry form.

As professional futurists, our studies have convinced us that the near term is going to include extraordinary, rapid global change driven by energy, climate, financial, and terrorist trends converging in a narrow window of time. The net effect of this convergence is likely to be epochal in terms of its magnitude and impact. There will be serious disruption to the status quo.

In similar junctures like this in its past evolution, humanity has produced exceptional, breakthrough capabilities just when they were necessary for the continued survival and development of the species. The steam engine, airplane, and alternating electrical current come quickly to mind.

Such unconventional solutions were all initially scoffed at and rejected by those who lacked foresight, but ultimately enabled and fundamentally defined the era through their impact on the world

In the face of this looming threat of large-scale change, we believe that such a unique, extraordinary capability for sensing large, disruptive events has resurfaced. We believe that this technology could again underpin a fundamental revolution in the human story.

The Arlington Institute's project "WHETHERMAP" is predicated on the idea that before catastrophic, world changing events people have intuitional dreams that anticipate those events. While there have been a number of famous people throughout history who have accurately predicted the future, it also appears that almost everyone has premonitions from time to time in the form of dreams, visions, or simple gut feelings.

WHETHERMAP will provide an online portal for people to create intuition journals which they could update daily. While maintaining complete privacy and anonymity, their reports will be scanned and aggregated with the most sophisticated sense making and pattern recognition technology available today in order to create visual displays of intuition clusters designed to identify potential catastrophic events.

Our hope is that through WHETHERMAP human beings will have a system that can anticipate surprise events of global significance, and radically change the way that people look at themselves and at the world.