The Arlington Institute


John L. Petersen

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Arlington Institute:

  • Knows how to think about the future. We know where to look and how to array information so that current trends inform our clients about future operating contexts. We use very sophisticated processes and information technology to scan the horizon for possible big surprise events and early indicators of change which could rapidly shift the familiar fundamentals upon which an enterprise is based. We use systems thinking to look at the driving forces and wild cards so we can understand the complex interdependencies that are the fabric of any future. We can help you think out-of-the-box - and see relationships and possibilities that otherwise you would have missed.
  • Is expert in identifying possible futures that would fundamentally effect our clients. We lead groups in developing scenarios, or images, of how their marketplace - or any other environment or relationship -- might evolve. We help them identify normative scenarios, or desired futures, that can form the core of a concrete organizational vision. We can help an organization look internally and extract its unique business idea from all that it does and then relate those core ideas and competencies to the spectrum of plausible futures that it will confront. For some of our clients, we look for convergent areas of great opportunity. For others, we look for hazards.
  • Looks for early indicators of large-scale change that would impact those for whom we work. Our technology will allow us to identify potentially significant information emerging from almost any place on the planet which can then be used to find meaning in subtle events that point toward the possibility of much larger change. Our clients have early warnings of change that are not available elsewhere.
  • Has a unique understanding of the future which comes from viewing the emerging environment from a high, integrated vantage that is informed by a sensitivity to potential unusual events. We have worked for many types of organizations and have seen the future through their eyes. These varied perspectives, coupled with those from our stable of creative and curious analysts, provide us with a singular viewpoint that tends to be richer and wider than those of most observers.

This unparalleled combination of skills, experience and perspective can be particularly valuable to a corporation or organization which appreciates the need to seriously and systematically make the future an integral part of its planning and strategic thinking. Our combination of very bright analysts and unparalleled collection of analytical technology coupled with a growing extended international network of unusual thinkers presents a potential client with a powerful intellectual resource for considering the possibilities that exist on an enterprise's horizon. We work with international organizations, government agencies, associations, corporations, and other organizations.

Specifically, The Arlington Institute offers the following customized products and services:

  • Scenario Development , Business Idea Identification, and Strategy Design - for enterprises or groups of enterprises
  • Normative Scenario Development - for individuals, organizations, sectors, and humanity
  • Customized Brainstorming and Tutorial Workshops - to catalyze ongoing projects and teach new thinking skills
  • Sophisticated Group Facilitation - to achieve specific objectives from groups of all sizes